Calabar International Convention Center

There you have it, a lovely render of a scenic view of the Calabar International Convention Center designed by the Copenhagen based architecture firm; Henning Larsen Architects. Considering that Copenhagen previously was titled the happiest city in the world - hopefully this design orginating from a happy-city based practice will have that essence?

Henning Larsen Architects say that;

"The multi-functional and flexible building will also offer the citizens of Calabar a new cultural centre that will provide the setting for concerts, film festivals and exhibitions.
The Calabar International Convention Centre consists of four adjoining, sculptural volumes. The building is situated on top of a hill and has a panoramic view from the foyer. On the one side, the location on the middle of the hill creates a natural amphitheatre with a room for several thousand people. On the other side, you have a spectacular view of the river delta.
The volumes are cast in concrete and appear as sharply cut. The main hall can be opened up towards the outdoor amphitheatre so the technical installations of the stage can also be used in connection with outdoor events. The flexible building design allows for several types of events to take place at the same time." 

Location: Calabar, Nigeria
Client: Cross River State
Gross floor area: 16,000 m2
Year of construction: 2011 - 2013
Type of assignment: Winner of invited international competition

There is something very, Sydney Opera house about this, don't you think?

From the information provided on the Henning Larsen website, construction should be mid-way by now.

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t said...

Yes, there is, I think.
I like the building. When can I see it (real life) - when will it be real?

Which one matters the most to you?

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