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I discovered an article where President Jonatham discusses Nigeria's future..

"Jonathan therefore announced that Nigeria’s foreign policy would henceforth be based on attracting greater foreign direct investments to accelerate domestic growth and create jobs for Nigerians."

“I am confident that by 2015, Nigeria would have witnessed transformation in all sectors to the benefit of not only its citizens, but also those who have an interest in the country,” he said.
The security challenges in the country still featured in his address, but the President declared that his administration was on top of the situation. “We are dealing with the issue decisively. It will soon be a thing of the past.

It is the sentence, I have highlighted in bold, that seriously irritates me. I really wish that our leaders would stop trying to master the art of smooth talking and actually do things.

I rarely delve into politics, and that will be the same case here but let it be known, I cannot stand when leaders talk very nonchalantly about extremely serious issues.

It's the same as if a Doctor handing you a lollipop to calm down your nerves after telling you that he's found a tumour in your brain.

It's ridiculous!

We trust you to help us, not to soothe us, who cares about words, when the actions are the consequences we live with every day of our lives...

Oh Nigeria!!

Source: The Guardian Nigeria
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