American International Hospital Calabar

"OMMA Healthcare is currently developing the new American International Hospital Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. This new US Standard acute care facility is being designed by Rees Associates. The hospital is scheduled to open in 2012 and will provide a new standard of medical care to the citizens of Nigeria." - OMMA Website

"The Government of Nigeria desires to provide quality healthcare to the people of the Calabar region as well as provide an excellent environment for persons traveling to the Calabar, Cross Rivers region to receive healthcare services The REES solution is a 200 bed, four level hospital on a complete campus offering an outpatient clinic, residential housing, retail and a hospitality hotel and conference center. Ease and quality services for patients, visitors and employees is a prime concern for the Nigerian government.

The hospital is directly linked to clinic and the outpatient services which includes a 12 exam room clinic, outpatient dialysis center, outpatient infusion center, radiation oncology and an outpatient pharmacy. Two, three-level residential buildings providing 100 living units is connected to the hospital through pedestrian walkways. Also all five, 400 square meter retail buildings are linked by a series of covered pedestrian walkways. The hospital is located at the highest point of the highest point of the site for a high profile presence to the surrounding community and travelers passing through. The exterior is simple to directly reflect the clear and functional planning of the hospital." - Rees Website

Rees is a U.S. based architectural, planning, and interior design firm - established in 1975.

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