A brighter idea!

The United Nations Development Programme was quoted saying that the Nigerian Government could save $45m from by replacing the frequently used incandescent light bulbs with compact florescent light bulbs!

 At first when I read this I thought how can you be serious - the country's problem is not with wasting electricity, it's with not providing enough for its people. However, when you take another look, you realise that if we already have a problem with not meeting the electricity demands of the nation, then why should be using the 'little' we do produce wastefully.

If as quoted by the UNDP, that we are in fact not utlising our electrical resources well, then it is important for the government to at least make people aware of this, to increase our awareness on sustainability - after all the resources used to provide this electricity is not infinite - one day our oil will run out!

This suggestion would make it last longer.

So when you take that to an inidividual level, by replacing your incandescent lights with low-energy compact florescent bulbs (CFLs), you are not only reducing your electricity consumption (therefore reducing your bills), but also helping the planet.

"What a bright idea indeed."

Of course, this idea for most working Nigerians is not the most obvious, since not only are we less concerned with the imminent dangers of relying on finite resources, we also don't like to pay more for things we can get for less. CFLs are pricier, but they pay back their cost in their electricity savings.

Info from: http://www.vanguardngr.com/2011/11/govt-could-save-45m-from-florescent-lamps-undp/
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