Prefabricated and affordable housing case study

A lovely prefabricated house in South Africa, proving that housing can be affordable and attractive for all. This is definitely a welcome change from the typical block houses that were introduced in the past as a response to the rising need for housing.

The houses or "ABOD" above were designed by a company named BSB design. The design makes use of corrugated panels and bold colours to create an attractive yet cost effective design that is both durable and lightweight making it easily transferable.

I think case studies like this are relevant because they serve as tools for broadening the ways in which we view architecture and buildings. With more and more people unable to afford to build large houses for their ever growing families, this offers a great platform for development, considering that corrugated materials are already very common materials for building houses here in Nigeria.

I would like to see this idea developed to various scales, perhaps even a larger house with 2 floors, and a kitchen.

The possibilities really are endless.
Prefabricated and affordable housing case study Prefabricated and affordable housing case study Reviewed by NG on 9/14/2011 09:00:00 am Rating: 5


t said...

Could be a nice dorm, at university or something!

NG Arch said...

I agree, it would be a sustainable solution to any area that is in need of immediate accomodation.

Which one matters the most to you?

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