Modern properties in Lagos by Haven Homes

''Haven Homes'' do look very expensive, but their adverts claim that they are not. I hope seeing more and more properties like this in Nigeria will begin to inspire the average Nigerian to reconsider how they view their homes and the future of housing in Nigeria.

Living standards for many across our country are much lower than this, but good housing needn't be this extravagant nor expensive. Let us look at this project as an example on the direction our housing can go in future but for the average Nigerian household small but noticable improvements should be the focus.

Having a building which allows plenty of natural light to enter the building through windows and openings is a sustainable alternative to having lots of artificial lighting surrounding the home. Also there are so many ways to personalise the exterior of one's home, with landscaping and gardening so as to compliment the shape and style of the home.

I am inspired by the video and by the design of the houses which I believe still retain an authenticity to our cultural roots, where we favour big motifs and ornament and bright and vivid wall coverings.
We may not all be able to afford a large sound system or such lavish digital interior systems and decorations, but once again let us look to what this design speaks of at its basic level. It exposes us to an alternative way of relating to one's home, not just four straight walls that contain over-luxurious items, but luxurious elements in the form of decisions made to decide the shape of the walls, the height of ceilings, the width of the windows. We have yet to reflect that we are living in the 21st century in most of our housing designs, as most of us replicate designs and styles from even 50 years ago! The way we live today does not reflect the way our own parents lived, we rely on our mobile phones for telecommunications, many of us even rely on the use of the internet for business exchanges, the need for an additional room for study or office space is growing, and for every option I have listed here we have a hundred other options in the way we can live today.

So whilst, I have yet to find a model that can be used for the average Nigerian household, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.
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