Compounding our problems

If you are familiar with residential housing in Nigeria, you are not a stranger to 'four walls', that is the left wall, the right wall and the front and rear walls that every house seems to surround itself these days.

Now, there are many reasons why we put up walls, and I say walls because these structures are much to high to even see the person behind then let alone call them 'garden fences'.

Enclosing ourselves into our compound improves the feeling of security, there is a clear boundary that separates 'us' and 'them' and for the average Nigerian, the them is anyone whose agenda remains a mystery to us - and that makes us very fearful.

In other socieities, you find these walls outside a group of housing units, creating a community within, a gated community to be specific. These gated communities provide occupants the sense of control which they so desire in order to control the people they want to see and be around. Does that mean the average Nigerian household couldn't care less about their neighbours - since our walls rarely extend more than 3 metres from our interior walls and rarely refrain from exceeding 2 and a half metres in height?

In my honest opinion, these walls are usually unattractive, but they were not really designed to be objects of beauty, instead they are merely deterrents to burglars and lurkers looking for an oportunity to loot. Nevertheless I have obtained several photographs of different intertesting & attractive wall designs around Lagos-Ibadan-Ife area.

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