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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Oladayo Oladunjoye announced as the shared winner of the First Prize in ArchiAfrika's Blueprints of Paradise competition with his project "Redesigning the Temporal"

Oladunjoye's design will be featured along with other entries in the Afrika Museum in Berg en Dal, the Netherlands.

The Blueprints of Paradise competition sought to ask "African architects and artists to visualise the future of built Africa".

The responses were described as being "intriguing and in some ways surprising". "They did not choose to merely present a building or a monument, many of them realised that public space in Africa is very accommodating and that this could serve as a generator for future developments."

"The jury suggested that some of the ideas put forward in the entries could also be possible solutions to design challenges faced elsewhere in the world when dealing with public space."

Read more here: ArchiAfraka's Article & Newsletter.

All images, info and content from & copyright ArchiAfrika: http://www.archiafrika.org/en/node/1288

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t said...

I like this blog, buttttt: more pictures please, will love to see what the winning designs look like. God bless you.

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Feral Female said...

Thank you for your feedback!

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