Igbo pyramids?

Spot the difference..

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Well apart from the varying number of levels, all of these are pyramids, commonly known to originate from Egypt, however only the last picture was taken in Egypt, (Saqqara), the first two were actually taken in Nsude, in Enugu state. The Nsude pyramids are yet to be carbon dated, but judging by the black and white photos (taken in 1935), they are 'very old'.

Ok, so technically, pyramids are known for having four sides (square based), and these stepped pyramids are circular (circle based), but non-the-less we can refer to them as pyramids.

I thought it was interesting to share these images, as many theorists claim that the people who went on the colonize western Africa could have been decendants of the ancient Egyptians. Now, looking at these images it's not so hard to believe.

I am sure if a study was conducted on the two groups, more correlations would probably be drawn.  I'm waiting scientists!
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Anonymous said...

indigenious african research facebook will gove u the answer

Chigbo said...

I wonder if these are still in existence. I am an engineer and of Igbo origin. I am interested in this.

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