Eko Atlantic Update

One thing I am always happy to report about is the Eko Atlantic development in Lagos or Eko as I now prefer to call it.

I appreciate that the development has continued and the state has continued to channel funding towards the project. I am very certain that there is a lot of international interest, after all consultants from projects in Dubai were brought on board also, and though many Nigerian projects may become lost, those endorsed or more correctly, shall I say; encouraged by 'outsiders' are more likely to actually be completed.

So to cut the long story short, I have composed a post of updates on Eko Atlantic.

A satalite image of the constructed mass of land on January 2011. 

Info and images from:

(A GoogleEarth image of the inital stages of the island).

I find the shape very interesting and I await with bated breath for what the plan will actually look like, especially in the era of GoogleEarth, we are now able to view land masses from satelite views. It could be very beautiful and a shining example of development in Southern Nigeria.

Nobel Prize winner Wole Soyinka describes Eko Atlantic as "Rising like Aphrodite from the foam the Atlantic."

On March 16 2011, Eko Atlantic City achieved it's milestone of reclaiming 2 million square meters of land (by moving typically 10,000sqm of sand each day), this landmark was celebrated at the site.

Click here to read what the New York Times  things about Eko Atlantic City in their article "Making Over Lagos".
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