The Photograph that started a brawl!!

On our way to Ekiti state, we drove past Ijesa, and as usual, my father was telling me stories about the rich history of the Ijesas. We happened to drive past this colonial building, and my father instantly felt that it was necessary to stop and encourage me to take pictures of this building for my collection.

I agreed, and we got out, greeted some locals near by and observed the house from the outside and I took a couple of snaps of the house.

About 30 seconds after I took the photograph, a tall man appeared from our left, and instantly berated me and told me to "DROP THAT CAMERA" and "stop that". In shock, I immediately put my camera down, and he continues to rant about how the building happened to be a government building and that we had no right to take a picture of someone elses' house.

I know my father, he is a very strong man, he won't have anybody bullying him, but especially his family. Calmly I watched as he explained to the man what our purpose was, and that he in fact had greeted those sat infront of the house on approaching it, the rude ignoramus continued his rubbish talking, and then proceeded to insist that we take a seat on a nearby bench with him.

Instantly, both myself and my father are aware that this is just a man who is looking for a way to collect some extra money. My father controlling his outrage very well, took a seat next to me, and we sat opposite the man.

An apology was in order really, since we were not in the wrong, and this man, probably around the same age as my father or younger, was causing a commotion for what? A couple hundred Naira 'lost' to a free photograph.

My father explained that he was insulted by the approach the ignoramus took to us, by berating me thereby berating my father as he gave me the permission to take the photos. The man continued to attempt to dilute the matter and to worm his way out of an apology. At this moment, I have as disgusted a look on my face as I could get away with, without the ignoramus picking a fuss.

Within minutes of sitting on the bench, about four other men appear, and our driver leaves our car to join us. All of the men listen to both sides of the story, and admit that the ignoramus was wrong in berating a man like my father, a man who knows his rights, who is respected and has earned his rights to it.

I suppose the business card my father wanted to present to the ignoramus to quieten him wasn't quite the 'reward' he was looking for.

However, things were pretty calm until..

To be continued..

(Just to prove that I am very aware of my rights, I'll be posting the picture of the 'government' house - which by the way we suspect is not used by the government - I mean look at the state of its windows -, but is just a government protected property - because of its history).

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