The Photograph that started a brawl!! Part 2

I am sure you're eager to read the conclusion to the part 1 of "The Photograph that started a brawl"..

Well as I mentioned, things were pretty calm until..

My mother exited the car, and in a fit of fury headed towards the group of men and us, and started shouting at them.

Now, here is the exact point that the brawl began, the men (who should have known better) immediately started to try and intimidate her, and the shouting became spitfire back and forth, this was pretty intense for me, as they obviously outnumbered us, and no passerbys even stopped to intervene. My 50 year old parents, a driver and myself surrounded by 7 or so "should have known betters".

Eventually, I managed to drag my unwilling mother back towards the car, and my dad agreed to delete the video - please note that this is the non-explicit version, there was a lot of agression, and the argument brimmed close to getting physical. If they were young men, there may have even exchanged blows.

The men fueled by my mother's accusations, eventually quietened down, and from the distance I saw my father take out the camera (which by the way, the man tried to snatch out of my hand once or twice), and delete the photograph.

We were then able to return to the car, and my father joined us in our car, as our driver did a u-turn and drove away, my father cheekily turned around and told me that he only deleted one out of the several pictures I had taken, and we exchange a high five.


Now, my only thought on this, is truly; what is this country coming to?

Yes, this could have happened anywhere in the world, and it does BUT the difference is that, the authorities would have served to scare the perpertrators before they threathened us, but with no police or government officials anywhere nearby, it was simply us against them. That is the problem with the Nigerian system.

Lack of personal security, lack of personal rights, lack of justice.

In yoruba, eyan gbodo f'agidi se gbo gbo ikan!!
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