Documentary: The Argentine Economic Collapse - A Warning

I found this documentary whilst reading about governments and economy. I think it is very interesting, and I highly recommend it. You see in Nigeria we always talk about our problems, and Nigerians often internalise and personalise their situation.

I have always believed that people are people, no matter where you come from, our environment governs our development and our behaviour. In terms of politics, Nigeria's problems may be frightening now, but they are not unique. There are always several blogs to discuss how individuals can make a change, together we can make a change and we must, from the documentary you can imagine any unhealthy economic climate as a boiling pot, it is bound to spill over at one point or the other, be it in this generation or the next.

Of course, if I could, I would urge everyone to watch this documentary, it is especially interesting if you want some insight into why economies crash, or the behind the scenes of corruption.

Though this film doesn't talk directly about architecture, I am sure you will be able to see how infrastructure, networks, links and the general development of a nation can be brought to a halt by bad governance.

Documentary: The Argentine Economic Collapse - A Warning Documentary: The Argentine Economic Collapse - A Warning Reviewed by NG on 7/23/2011 07:00:00 pm Rating: 5

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