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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Quirky Nigerian Architecture

Guaranty Trust Bank branch, Lawanson, Surulere, Lagos

What do you think of this building. Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity of entering it, but from the outside it is definitely something that would stand out and might even be a regular subject for debate admist Lagos traffic. In a city famed for its crammed conditions and confusing road layout a building like this may not fit in without a hitch, however imagine how much easier it would be to describe and find where the bank is.

Photo from: http://www.theguardianlifemagazine.blogspot.com/

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chomie3 said...


Anonymous said...

Great architecture. It has a deconstructivist style and appears as if Frank Ghery has designed it. I hope Nigeria begins to have more interesting building like they did in the 70's. Presently everyone wants traditional designs which hinders creativity. Its time to move forward!

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