NCC Building in Abuja

What do you think of this building, an inspirational piece of art, defiance to traditional Nigerian architecture, or a mockery?
NCC Building in Abuja NCC Building in Abuja Reviewed by NG on 1/16/2011 07:00:00 pm Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

it doesnt so much link with any traditions but i think it opens up the eyes and minds of architects in nigeria. its high time we move away from the conventional n jion the world as it steps forward

NG said...

Hi and thank you for your comment.

I agree, but we need to pioneer innovative designs and not be followers.

These also have to be clever designs not just for the sake of attention grabbing.

A building can be attractive, innovative, useful and cost effective. It is asking for a lot, but we have to set the standards right at the top if we ever aim to stand out.

NG said...

Hello Anonymous "20 January 2013 08:26",

Yes you can include a post of mine in your blog. As long as you include a link back to the blog and say you got it from this website.

Thank you for engaging in the discussion and leaving your comments on my blog.

Much appreciated. NG

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