What IS Nigerian Architecture? Part 2

When you search in Google for what is Nigerian Architecture, this is what you get.


My favourite example being the last image which is a building in Warri (if you know the name please write it in the comment box below).

I like it's boldness, and its fearlessness to stand out and shout that it is Nigerian, though not everything about is typically Nigerian tradition architecture, it borrows from both the colonial and traditional and to some extent even some modern too.

I will continue to update this post with more images, tell me what you think.
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Anonymous said...

I'm Ukrainian student and I've being searching for Nigerian architecture for my project about African architecture as tourist attraction.Indeed that is what I've gotten too. Sorry.

Feral Female said...

It's not awidely discussed subject in both outside and inside the country.

I hope that you are able to gain some useful information from this blog, and please feel free to ask any questions that you may have.

If you are specifically looking for tourist attraction type buildings, I would advise you try and search for buildings in the capital city; Abuja, that is the main tourist destination for most people who arrive from outside the country, Lagos is also another destination, but it is more geared towards working life, and does not offer the same security and feelings of 'at ease' as Abuja does in most of its areas.

abimbola akinyele said...

This is interesting. I am charged with getting cover pictures for our weekly property magazine based in lagos state. I would love to pick your brains on Nigerian Architecture. Thank you

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