Our Builders cannot build our buildings?

I read somewhere that Nigeria's construction industry lacks skilled labourers.

Now I must admit that I was very shocked to have read this, because when you see the skill that is represented in other manual tasks such as carpentry, wooden carved sculptures and other 'hand produced' skills, we certainly do not lack, and in fact there is more talent that there is market for these things (in an age where Nigerians are neglecting their traditional products in favour for famous designerwear etc).

So, I wonder if where the truth to this statement is.

I took it upon myself to do a quick study of the type of buildings and construction projects that are currently being desired in Nigeria, and the vast majority of these are still the colonial-influenced homes, or even the now Americanized styled homes with the pillars, and porches and gateways.

So where does our local Nigerian builder feature in all of this?

I could not answer that question, I imagined that there would be a construction company that would offer training for these local builders so that they can catch up to date with 'modern' construction techniques, the type of techniques that are required to build skyscrapers in Abuja and mansions in VI.

So what is the advice we can give to our local handyman and builde? How are their skills being invested in, how do they make the necessary leap to land into the 'skilled labourer' category?
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