Ogun state says goodbye to household generators?

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has recently granted Ogun State, the license to distribute electricity.

The first state to receive such a license, and this brings hope to those who work within the industries in Ogun stat. 

The licence was granted to the Gateway Electricity Limited, (a Private Public Partnership between Power Systems Limited and the Ogun State government).

Only time will show the whether this proves a good decision and becomes a successful endeavour. Case studies of other countries that have privatised services like such have proven to improve the service, and generate economy for the companies involved whilst alleviating the strain on the government to provide the service.

As we all know, consistent electricity supply is a problem that Nigeria has continued to struggle with for decades, and there is no better time than Nigeria at 50 for the positive push to be iniated.

I hope other states will be soon to follow.

If you live in Ogun state and have something to say, please send your experience to:

tjdesignz [at] hotmail.com
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