Nigerian House of the Future # 2

As part of the new series which has just begun at, I will be posting entries of what others think should be; "The Nigerian House of the Future" - unedited AND uncut. So after a good attempt by poster "ocho cinco", the follow up are some suggestions by "info@lpf" who posted: "A few basics:
1. Must include at least a 2 car garage, could be designed into the front of the house, side, back or off the front fence (like the French).
2. Must have a garden, preferably 2, front and back.
3. Smaller homes, more compact and highly functional. Less use of ground space. Setbacks people!
4. A whole house high pressure water pump. Every house has showers, but when was the last time you had a shower in a Nigerian upstairs bathroom? No more buckets!!
5. A central air conditioning system that is sustainable in Nigeria - split unit compressors almost seem to be part of design in Nigeria.
6. Perhaps #4 above will do away with those ugly water tanks built into roofs or hanging off the side of the house like an overstuffed molue bus!!
7. Generators sets that are optional, and truly standby.

I could go on, but I would give away some of our design trademark secrets. ;o)"

So NigerianArchitecture replied:
"Your suggestions are very very practical and they refer to the situation at hand, do you think in the future, let's say the next 50 years, this is the ideal direction for the "Nigerian House".
And the response to this was:

"Yes, I do.
Transportation, storage, functional spaces, planned landscapes, water and air distribution and energy efficiency are relevant today, and will ALWAYS be an integral part of home design. Truth is, no matter how we try to reinvent the wheel, it is already a perfect design. We may tweak a few items, but look at designs from the 1950's and from the 1900's - same issues then, as we struggle with today. Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian home designs have the same elements as home design today, 100 years later. Some Frank Lloyd Wright designs from the early part of this century are still considered modern by today's standards!

The discussions around the home of the future will, IMHO, focus primarily around spatial, elemental and textural challenges."

So what are your opinions about these 7 points given?

Do they inspire you about the future of what could be Nigerian Housing, are they realistic, or are they over-rational, are they just right, or limiting.

What do you think? Comment below:
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