Lagos roads get health check

Governor Babtunde Fashola of Lagos state, last week initiated the "Gradual Upgrading and Replacement Infrastructural Renewal".

And I say about time!!

The assistant director in the initiative, Mr. Fola Adeyemi added that; "A comprehensive test would be carried out to determine what materials are best suited for a certain terrain and the extent of damage done to such road."

I am sure many professionals within the built environment believed that this should have always been the case. After all it doesn't make sense to start building when you don't know what exactly you are building on.

For all we know, the Nigerian government might have well been building on top of sinking sand all this time. (Since it seems as forms of progress seem to just sink or disappear).

Nonetheless, this is a great initiative, it makes sense and it is just what is needed. I just hope that we don't need another test in a few years time which involves "testing various materials and construction techniques on the terrain first before choosing a method and applying it".

As implied, this method of testing introduced will only be useful if the results are vital when it comes to decision making about urban layouts, materials, construction and maintenance schemes.

I think it is about time we admit that as a government, we have never been too good at upkeep, so durable, long-lasting (and potentially more labour-intensive) results should be our aim.

I will post another topic about the after effects of rain on our roads and options we can employ to tackle, and of course there will be a discussion topic to accompany this.
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