The Importance of Ornament

In vernacular Nigerian archicture, the idea of ornament on the facade and interior of a building has always been key to the design of most places, however as we move towards the modernist era and of course the post-modernist era in which we find ourselves in now, there is a general movement towards simplicity and minimalist views.

Encouraged by findings and philosophies laced around the successes of the Japanese Feng Shui gardens, the desire to mimise waste and clutter out of our lives and the pursuit of sustainable low-waste architecture, it doesn't take long before one starts to look for traces of how these ideologies have influenced African, but specifically Nigerian architecture.

So I am asking you, is it possible to carry these ideologies towards Nigerian architecture to a place where they can meet and agree, or is Nigerian architecture, a source of architectural languages which evolve around identity - uniqueness - climate and hierarchy too different from this. If not, how does this western-powered notion translated into our own Nigerian architecture?
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