What IS Nigerian Architecture?

Nigerian Architecture hopes that all our readers had a happy 50th independence day anniversary!!

But in the wake of the celebrations and emphasis on unity and growth, I can't help but wonder still, what is Nigerian Architecture.

If a foreign friend asked you, would you show them the slums of Mushin, or the colonial mansions of Ibadan, would you show them the local Oba's compound, or would you show them the newest skyscraper in Abuja.

Our architecture is diverse, but it is also very dispersed, leaving me with the conclusion that I cannot make one.

As we look towards the 50th year of Nigeria's independence I urge all of us who engage themselves with the built environment to really search for what is true and what is real, without one iconic architectural language to point to, maybe it is time to reach within ourselves, and make Nigerian architecture simply an architecture that is the product of the requirements of a Nigerian's intentioned influence on the built environment.
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