Introducing the African Institute of Science and Technology, Abuja

Insipred by Nigerian Red Earth and Patchwork African Weaving Methods


Name: African Institute of Science and Technology (AIST)
Location: Abuja, Nigeria
Competition date: 2006
Client: Nelson Mandela Institute
Total Area: 240,000 m²
Architect: Massimilano Fuksas
Consultants: Arup Italia
Materials: Local timber, stone, brick.
Features: Water harvesting, Photovoltaic technologies.

"The African Institute of Science and Technology has as its main inspiration, the effort to promote economic development, social and political Africa by promoting excellence in education. Africa and 'a continent marked by numerous civil wars, of poverty', and lack of training, but it 's also a land with immense natural beauty, cultural richness and versatility'. Characterized by a desire Nations' High
to live, thrive and grow. In this context, the architecture should reflect the will 'to create a pan-African campus, an institution devoted to liberty' academic and peaceful coexistence of all African peoples.
The proposed design aims to combine wisely the African tradition and cultural values innovation applied to the construction and administration building. The architecture adapts to the geography like a patchwork of African weavings.
The needle indicates the connection of Aso Rock, which means "victorious" in the language of Asokoro ("victorious people"). A visual axis to the holy rock, a path that will lead 'students to their "victories" becoming outstanding professionals who will provide their knowledge and their leadership to grow the community' premises and to improve the human condition in all the African continent.

Here are pictures about the development of this project which selected its project team and architectural design response based on an international competition. View the Architect's website here click.

It would be interesting to hear your responses towards the runner up:

2nd Place:

Allies and Morrision Architects (under Projects > Education > AIST Abuja)

Your opinions and updates about this project are very much welcome.
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