Discussing discourse.

A critical essay on the necessity of discourse in the development of architecture has led me to enquire whether there is enough of this 'discourse' in Nigeria.

Do we analyse and criticise our works, subjecting ourselves to the harsh and brutal processes of self and external reflection, or have we gotten lost in the design - build - inspire cycle, where we fail to truly progress because we have no means of measuring real progress. Also, what is real progress?

The modernists in Europe already discovered that their views of a 'perfect' architecture was just an extreme idealist view, which actually concealed an intention to dictate which direction the future should follow, and now they are carefully moving towards a much more 'tasteful' post-modernist expression of style through building materials.

I believe that this century calls for the great African theorists, to not only discuss within their small local groups, but to challenge the views held globally, in order to probe and to allow probing of their existing ideas and work.

It is only through engaging in critical discussions that you truly see your work objectively.

Who knows maybe there will emerge a few from Nigeria who have what it takes to measure up to the great theorists around the world.

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Her-em-akhet said...

Chinweizu is strong. Search online for his essay: Black colonialists: the root of the trouble with Nigeria.

He has lots of essays online. And a few books too.

Which one matters the most to you?

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