Lagos Vs Abuja

The relationship between Lagos and is a very strange one, some feel that Lagos has been neglected for the development of Abuja.

Abuja in return has the opportunity to learn from Lagos' mistakes and to provide a more refined and relaxed alternative to the hectic lifestyles associated with Lagos.

Nonetheless it is obvious that there is still a power struggle between Lagos and Abuja, in terms of opportunities and most importantly architecture. Whenever speaking to Nigerians, the response is usually that Lagos is the centre of Nigerian architecture yet a birds eye view highlights the chaotic patchwork that is its infrastructure and urban layout. Abuja on the other hand, though still young, appears to be much more structured.

A well structured environment is usually predicted by urban designers and town planners to be preferable to those where there is a sense of clutter, however a lot of people prefer the atmosphere of Lagos to that of Abuja, despite its shortcomings.

Is it possible that the character of a place can draw people towards it overriding the challenges associated with living there?

Is it that people are willing to tolerate electricity shortages, unclear street marking and bad road planning for the character of Lagos?? Other than finance required to live in a city like Abuja, are there other reasons for this bias??

Images from Wikipedia Lagos above, Abuja below.

By Tumi Jegede
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