Eko Atlantic City - Lagos

So there it was; the brief details of one of the many new developments in Lagos in preparation for 2015. For those who are unaware; 2015 is the year when Lagos' population is predicted to hit 25 million therefore launching it up to the third largest city in the world.

I believe it is this same reason that has finally pushed Lagos officials to really start planning but most of all implementing their plans, as 2015 is only half a decade away. There is nothing better than physical change, and that is exactly what has been happening on the shores of beaches in Lagos.
Construction begun more than a year ago. The project which is expected to be on the same level of quality as that of the islands that belong to Dubai is expected to bring tourism to Nigeria and to solve some of the existing problems, as not only will the 'New City' "Eko Atlantic be built, but also plans have already begun to transform the existing infrastructure that surrounds 'Old Lagos'.

What is impressive about this project is the amount of international support and attention it is receiving, with experts and financiers involved in the projects in Dubai also providing advice and various other important persons participating in various political and federal issues.


Development area: 9 sq kilometres
Length: 7 kilometres
Amount of sand needed: 140 million tonnes
Developers: South EnergyX Nigeria Ltd.

The island is said to provide housing for 400,000 residents and 200,000 workers.

Here is the site: http://www.ekoatlantic.com/

*More info soon*

By Tumi Jegede
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Bradly Jones said...

this is one of the best projects i have come across about Nigeria. Great project. i hope they develop similar Eko cities around the country. it will be a positive step.

call Nigeria

NG said...

Thanks for the comment Bradly!

Which one matters the most to you?

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