Badagry Express Way

The demolition of the surrounding buildings to the Badagry Express Way began early in the morning of July 27th '09.

A lot of trauma has been caused to the buildings surrounding the expressway, and their owners, as now they are forced to relocated, and have to wait until after the completion of the road to be compensated for damages towards their buildings.

The demolition is to prepare for the widening of the expressway, which is to have 10 lanes once completed.

One thing is that seeing is believing and the more that Governor Fashola has been showing us the more we are beginning to believe in him and his abilities.

I am sure many Lagosians and Nigerians alike are hoping that these changes are the first of many.

As for the expressway they can only wait until afterwards to determine whether the idea was a success or not.

By Tumi Jegede
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