2015, will we be ready?

Lagos is currently one of the largest cities in the world, with an impressive population of 18 million people living in the city. Every hour about 21 people immigrate into the city* which is not a surprise. Being such a densely populated and sought-after destination for Nigerians also explains why Lagos is a very dangerous city. Not in just in the simple sense of crime rates but also in the layout of the city. For a complete stranger Lagos can be hard to navigate around, this clearly highlights issues with the current infrastructure of the city.

The biggest problem for the city thus far has been its infrastructure, despite the recent admirable attempts to provide reliable public transport by the Governor of Lagos state; Babatunde Fashola, there definitely needs to be more done about it. Though it is refreshing to know that this surely is a good start. Nigerians will always welcome a good start.

The question is:

By 2015 when Lagos is said to become the third largest city in the world, will we be ready?

Will Lagos be ready for the predicted increase in the level of crime, the increased energy demand, food demand and other demands that its people are sure to make.

Feel free to share your views, opinions welcome from all types of people from all walks of life.

My personal opinion is that it has been long overdue that we take the planning of our urban areas very seriously. Decisions made by designers can no longer ignore the needs of the people.
Of course solving the issues is not an easy problem to solve but there should be a lot of consideration towards them and ignorance should be no longer acceptable.

It has been proven time and time again that people do not work around a situation they make a situation work for them. For example, have you ever noticed a large grassy field, have you noticed that there is almost always a diagonal path that cuts right through the field. As humans we don't always think about the end result of our actions, we cut through the field because we have somewhere to go, we trample over the grass, ignore the boundaries around the field and go straight for our destination. This is an analogy for urban design that does not take into consideration the needs of its users.

We have come too far to pretend that we are not aware.

*Info taken from research done by REM Koolhaas for his documentary LAGOS/KOOLHAAS

By Tumi Jegede
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