Millennium Tower

Hello and welcome the first article in the 'NigerianArchitecture' blog. Firstly, I have been working hard trying to acquire images of various structures which have been designed by an architect, and are located somewhere in Nigeria. At the moment this blog is dedicated to structures that have been erected in Nigeria, whether it was designed by a Nigerian or not.

It's all in the name of getting out the message that architects are relevant in our country.


Well, the building depicted is called 'Millennium Tower' and it was designed by Manfredi Nicoletti. It is to be completed in time to mark the 20th year anniversary of the new capital, Abuja, hence it's located in the Central District of Abuja. It's height is 170 metres or 558ft, which means that once completed it'll be in third place in the league of the tallest buildings in Africa. Pushing Johannesburg's Marble Tower (499ft) into fourth place.

1st Place = Carlton Centre (1973) at 223m/732ft - Johannesburg, South Africa
2nd Place = Ponte City Apartments (1975) at 173m/568ft - Johannesburg, South Africa
3rd Place = Marble Towers at 152m/499ft (1973) - Johannesburg, South Africa

*2011 third place = Millenium Tower at 170m/558ft - Abuja, Nigeria*

Hopefully once this building is complete it'll have a presence greater than that in the image.

By the way, the price tag is ₦53 billion.

Image from wikipedia.

By Tumi Jegede
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